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My Land

New exhibition at NB Gallery - My Land - paintings by Klim Chursin, Boris Kondrashin, Nickolay Chesnokov, Ivan Osipov, Pavel Chernov, Vasiliy Orlov, Marina Kozlovskaja, Viktor Letjanin.

27.11.2019 — 27.12.2019

My Land - Paintings by Klim Chursin

NB Gallery shows the paintings by Klim Chursin which have been just shown at the personal exhibition of the painter at the major museum of the Russian South - the Krasnodar Fine Art Museum.

How did the painters in Soviet times travel? Where would they go and what beautiful and remote places would they depict?

The diversity and vastness of Russia - Kamchatka (open to the Foreigners only since 1991), Asia, the North, the South - is revealed through the eyes of the artist.

The artist's son, artist Yuri Chursin remembers: "There are people whose work lights them up". Klim Nikiforovich Chursin was one of those people. Painting was his life. There seemed to be no place that he did not capture in his landscapes in the entire Soviet Union, from Kamchatka to the Baltics. Every time when he visited a new place, his eyes would see the beauty sometimes not noticed by the locals. Klim Nikiforovich made field easels and boards for his trips himself. All his works were painted en plein air.

2 paintings by a sought-after painter Adija Sitdikova came up for sale from a private collection in US.

Adija was the Folks Painter of Russia and the Honored Painter of Bashkortostan. Her paintings are in the Tretjakov Gallery and the Nesterov Fine Art Museum in Ufa.

Requests to be sent to art@nbgallery.com

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