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Paintings by Nadezhda Kanavets

We present paintings by Nadezhda Kanavets (1930-2020). Together we will explore the painter’s changing styles: from rigorous academic art education to realist still lifes and landscapes, to experiments with light, to energetic experiments with unexpected colour solutions and collage.

24.06.2021 — 30.09.2021

Irina Danilevskaya. Paintings.

Irina Danilevskaya was born in Moscow on September 30, 1980. She started drawing very early and followed her passion all her life.

The family lived on Sretenka Street in Moscow. Irina's father was entomologist, for his work he undertook many trips to Asia. He often took his daughter with him. Irina painted a lot during these Asian expeditions and brought home landscapes, which were becoming more and more refined.

When Irina was 16, she went to Paris with her father. She attended design courses at the Sorbonne for several months. In 1996-1998, she lived and worked in Berlin, then studied at the Moscow Academic Art College, with the teacher Ilya Pravdin having played a major role in her formation as an artist.

Soon after graduation, Irina, who had been constantly perfecting her skills, realized that most likely she will have to work 'for the desk drawer', with no appreciation and/or any demand for her artwork.

This realization, however, not only did not hinder or prevent her from painting. On the contrary, it gave her immense power and allowed her to escape from material ambitions and do what she herself wanted to do most - to paint, aiming to achieve the highest level in her art and technique.

Paintings in other countries! No export docs/no hassle to own them.

After many exhibits in other countries we have some paintings left with our good friends. They all have to go! Storage space is limited. All requests to be sent by email.

This outstanding painting is by the leading St. Petersburg artist Alexander Pushnin (1921-1991). Graduate of the Leningrad Fine Art Academy, Professor, his paintings are in the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg. 'Supper is Coming Soon. Virgin Lands', oil/canvas, 130 x 250 cm, painted in 1958, depicts life during the heroic efforts of the Soviet Youth to cultivate the previously uncultivated land.

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