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The Wind of Wanderings

We invite you to our Housewarming Party and the Opening of the new exhibition “The Wind of Wanderings". It is about travelling and happiness and breakthrough that travelling brings in our life…

22.09.2023 — 29.10.2023

Klara Vlasova. Paintings 1940s-2020s

Klara Filippovna Vlasova was born in Moscow. She was 10 when she went to study in the art studio at the Central House of Children's Artistic Development. When she was 11 she was awarded the First Prize at the First All-Union Children's Drawing Competition. In 1939 Klara continued with her art studies in the newly organised Art School in Moscow. In 1941 together with the school Klara was evacuated to the village Voskresenskoe in Bashkiria.

Vlasova returned to Moscow in 1943 and shortly completed her studies. In 1944 she got accepted into the Surikov Moscow State Institute without exams. She studied there in the art class of the renowned master S.V. Gerasimov. Vlasova participated in the summer exhibition of student works in 1945. Her painting "Symphonic Orchestra" was highly received by the critics who noted it as a work of an already accomplished artist.

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