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NB Gallery specialises in the finest examples of Russian Realist and Impressionist paintings of the 20th century. Following the best cultural traditions NB Gallery introduces a whole period of Russian art what has been inaccessible to the art collectors for a more than fifty years.

Since the beginning we wanted to support the old and noble traditions of loving and collecting art. Our goals have been to search out only the best art and to share our knowledge, to discern quality and help others to discern it too.

Qualified and experienced Russian art experts at NB Gallery undertake enormous efforts to locate and display the best masterpieces of our time. Many unknown names and periods were taken out from the oblivion. Art experts travel extensively throughout Russia searching through studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Irkutsk etc. The NB Gallery's first hand experience and extensive knowledge of the Russian Art can hardly be beaten by anybody. Many exhibitions staged by NB Gallery were recognised by art historians as a breakthrough in the Russian Art History.

NB gallery also produced a few heavily-researched catalogues, which reflect the scholarly approach and emphasis on quality that underpins everything that we do. In addition to these major exhibitions, the gallery also participates at some of the world’s leading art fairs.

The NB Gallery’s collection is a kind of retrospective of the Russian art of the Soviet époque including exquisite, museum quality examples of each period of development of Russian art.

Professional art experts of the gallery are always ready to help you discover Russian Realist and Impressionist art and to create your own collection - a personal view of the 20th century Russia as seen through the eyes of its most accomplished artists.

It is our objective to provide our clients with fine art of impeccable quality and unquestionable provenance.