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Filtered by exhibition: Light Shining from the East
Artworks by B.Kharchenko, A.Khydyrov, I.Viman, G.Studentov-Schepkin, V.Terekhov and other Soviet artists
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Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Kirgizia. Dzhailyau. Near the Fireplace'
1960s, mixed, 29.5 x 41 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Watering Cotton. Kirgizia'
1961, watercolor on paper, 50 x 33.5 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'In the Mountains of Kirgizia'
1961, pencil on paper, 28.5 x 40 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Hydro-electric Power Station. Trench'
1961, watercolor on paper, 18 x 37 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Naryn River. Buiding of Hydro-electric Power Station'
1961, watercolor on paper, 25 x 36.5 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Milk Farm in the Mountains. Kirgizia'
1961, pencil on paper,
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Hydro-electric Power Station. Works in the Trench'
1961, mixed, 25.5 x 37 cm
Aleksandr Evtikhiev
'Kirgizia. On the Cornfloor'
1961, watercolor on paper, 43 x 36 cm