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Naira Akopyan
'Lake in the Mountains'
1950s, oil on cardboard, 16 x 34.5 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Village Voskivaz'
1956, oil on cardboard, 23 x 35 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Road with a Cloud'
1950s, oil on canvas, 32.5 x 44 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Chapel". Stage Design for the Play by I.Turgenev. "On the E'
1953, tempera on paper, 42 x 56 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Still Life with a Window'
1960s, oil on canvas, 47 x 60 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Peach Trees'
1966, oil on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Peach Garden'
1964, oil on canvas, 73 x 120 cm
Naira Akopyan
'Spring. Blossoming Peach Trees'
1984, oil on cardboard, 40 x 50 cm
Alexander Pushnin
'Carousel. Etude to the painting'
1960, oil on canvas, 57 x 41 cm