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Filtered by exhibition: Frenchwoman in Russia
Artworks by Irina Vitman (1916-2012)
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Irina Vitman
1967, monotype, 40 x 45 cm
Irina Vitman
1950s, oil on cardboard, 24 x 34 cm
Irina Vitman
'Boys at the Beach'
1960s, mixed, 37.5 x 62.5 cm
Irina Vitman
'At the River'
1978, oil, tempera on paper, 47 x 63.5 cm
Irina Vitman
'Birch Grove'
1970s, oil on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm
Irina Vitman
'Landscape with Bicycle'
1970s, oil, tempera on paper, 64 x 74 cm
Irina Vitman
'Village Street'
1960s, tempera on paper, 36 x 61.5 cm