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Art-works by exhibition: 100 Years of the Russian Revolutioin (1917-2017)
At this exhibit we tried to recreate the “ideal” image of the revolution - the view artists had of it for half a century (from the 1930s to the 1970s). They created art, graphics and posters on the subject, many of which fit with the official iconography of the time. Others, however, unexpectedly move outside of the realm of typical soviet artwork. Attitudes towards the revolution changed over time, and this is apparent in the artistic changes as well.
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Olga Deineko
'Market in Morshansk'
1918, pencil on paper, 20.5 x 36 cm
Olga Deineko
'Mother with a Child'
1925, pencil on paper, 34 x 25.5 cm
Nickolay Troshin
1970s, gouache on paper, 20 x 28 cm
Sergey Bogdanov
1935, oil on canvas, 89 x 105 cm
Sergey Bogdanov
1935, oil on canvas, 89 x 105 cm
Sergey Bogdanov
'Lenin with Cows'
1930-40s, oil on canvas, 49 x 62 cm
Anatoly Ivanovich Yablokov
'Lenin in Gorky'
1967-1986, oil on canvas, 105 x 135 cm
Poster's Artist
'Family of Ulyanov'
1970, poster, 76 x 57 cm
Serafima Shakhrai
'Tsarism Crisis'
1950s, print, 33 x 48 cm