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Art-works by exhibition: The Stage of Life
The exhibition includes artworks and graphics from the NB Gallery collection, collages by Philipp Jordan, photographs by Zoe Wittering and an exclusive series of Diana Vishneva scarves collection by Philipp Jordan and IZO Art gallery.
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Nickolay Trunov
'Sketch of a Stage'
1980s, gouache on paper, 32.5 x 59 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
'Stage Design. Opera "Knyaz Igor"'
1966, watercolor on paper, 44 x 62.5 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
'Stage Design for the Ballet "La fille mal gardee"'
1983, gouache on paper, 42 x 60 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
1960s, oil on cardboard, 48 x 65 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
'Stage Design'
1970s, gouache on paper, 44 x 62 cm
Pavel Porotnikov
'Ancient Russian Costume'
1951, oil on canvas, 59.5 x 38 cm
Nickolay Nikonorov
'Scenery of a Green Room'
1970, mixed, 23 x 41 cm
Nickolay Nikonorov
'Blue Scenery'
1953, mixed, 31 x 48 cm
Nickolay Nikonorov
'Room with Big Windows'
1962, watercolor on paper, 22 x 34 cm