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New arrivals at NB: painings and graphics by Evgeny Rastorguev, Petr Dik, Tamara Guseva, Klara Vlasova and other artists.
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Nickolay Troshin
1970s, gouache on paper, 20 x 28 cm
Klara Vlasova
'In the Museum. Palanga'
1952, oil on canvas, 58 x 43.5 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
1960s, oil on cardboard, 48 x 65 cm
Vladimir Plekunov
'Stage Design'
1950s, gouache on cardboard, 72.5 x 105 cm
Vasiliy Orlov
1960s, gouache on cardboard, 50 x 55 cm
Yuri Frolov
'Spring is Coming'
1994, oil on cardboard, 70 x 50 cm
Nina Kostina
'New Asphalt'
1950s, oil on canvas, 88 x 67.5 cm
Ivan Dmitriev
1960s, watercolor, pencil on paper, 17 x 25.5 cm
Boris Domashnikov
1970-s, oil on canvas, 67.5 x 55.5 cm