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The World of Irina Danilevskaya

Short life and immense autistic output.
Beauty, fragility, roughness, poetry, French sound, artworks which are impossible to be reproduced in images.
One has to see them in real life and immerse oneself in the world of Irina Danilevskaya (1980-2015)

07.03.2021 — 23.05.2021

Preview — 07.03.2021

Irina's paintings are very different. It is difficult to choose from them. Irina wrote in series, repeating, reworking one motive many times. It is not a hard-set code, but rather an infinite number of combinations, with varying meanings and intonations.
We do not see everything, inventing or guessing a lot, whether it is a home interior or exotic Cuba. But the more we look, the more we are attracted to this world that does not let us into itself.