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The Quest for Knowledge. Posters, Paintings, Graphics

The Soviet school has become one of the nostalgic brands, along with the Soviet ice cream. Similar to the Soviet ice cream, Soviet school is perceived as “classical” and “white'': brown uniform, white aprons, red pioneer ties, happy faces…

12.09.2019 — 14.10.2019

Preview — 12.09.2019

At this exhibit we want to show different faces of the school seen through the eyes of the painters from 1930s till 1980s. Most of the artworks were created by official request to recreate this ideal image of the ideal pupil in the ideal school. It is amazing how different the results are and how many reflections they can bring to us. These are not only sentimental girls in brown dresses and white or black aprons, but also young feminist astronauts and captains. Not only happy pioneers helping adults in their construction of ideal world but also loneliness of teenagers …. Now, when we do not have one perception of ideal school and create a new school mythology, it’s very interesting to look at the past and reflect on it.