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The Ideal World of Vassily Minyaev

Architectural projects and Suprematist compositions, classical artworks of the 1950s, Expressionist tempera paintings of the 1970-1980s by Vassily Minyaev (1907-1993)

12.12.2014 — 08.02.2015

Preview — 11.12.2014

Vassily Aleksandrovich Minyaev is an architect and artist, whose creative development connected with a term “internal emigration”. The unique manner of his easel painting can be qualified as a form of Russian post-impressionism. He studied at the Leningrad Academy of Arts under the tutelage of K. Rudakov and N. Tyrsa In 1930s he worked with the famous futurist architect Yakov Chernikhov and in 1940s-1950s with the academician of architecture Ivan Zholtovsky.