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I beg you not to hinder my high and noble cause...

Ivan Dmitriev (1902-1991)
Paintings, graphics

23.11.2012 — 30.12.2012

Preview — 20.11.2012

We first came across his paintings in Cheboksary in 2002. Ever since then, we have been constantly on the look-out for them. Chief curator of the Chuvash State Art Museum, Georgy Isaev, and his father, Gennady, shared with us their memories of the famous artist and showed us his poems. These two people single-handedly preserved and published the artist’s memoirs and did everything in their power to safeguard his legacy.
The catalogue for the exhibition includes extracts from articles by art critic Ludmila Andreeva, an article by Georgy Isaev, and fragments from Ivan Dmitriev’s memoirs as well as a selection of his poems.
We are pleased to be exhibiting our complete collection of this wonderful artist for the first time.
"My artwork is a tribute to my native Chuvashia. Everything in it is inspired by Chuvashia and its villages, planes and forests. Without exaggeration I can say that I owe everything I am to Chuvashia." Ivan Dmitriev