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Light Shining from the East

Artworks by B.Kharchenko, A.Khydyrov, I.Viman, G.Studentov-Schepkin, V.Terekhov and other Soviet artists

21.08.2010 — 22.09.2010

Preview — 21.08.2010

NB Gallery presents the most exceptional artworks depicting wonderfully sunlit everyday life in Central Asia.Central Asia was a great source of inspiration for the Soviet artists. Rich culture and vast landscapes of the region filled artists with new motives, characters, and fresh color decisions. You will walk along Vassily Terekhov on the Asian market and watch cockerel fights in his oil works and see the beauty of oriental women in their traditional costumes with Boris Kharchenko and Studentov-Schepkin. Irina Vitman, Nadezhda Vorobieva, Pavel Semyachkin and Amangeldy Khydyrov will show you the world of camel drovers, the work in the fields and colourful festive dances in Asian villages.