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Miniatures of Soviet Impressionism

This exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Taganrog artist Vasiliy Orlov.

17.04.2010 — 25.05.2010

Preview — 16.04.2010

NB Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition of the art work of Vasiliy Orlov. The artist turned 100 years old this year and NB Gallery wishes to congratulate Vasiliy Orlov and invites the Moscow audience to get further acquainted with his works.
The exposition features Vasiliy Orlov's art works of different decades: avant-garde graphics from the 1930's, delicate silhouettes of the structures of the Hydro Electric-Power Station surprisingly resembling Art Nouveau graphics, elegant interpretation of severe style on small canvases from the 1960's and picturesque miniatures of the 1970's. These 1970's delicate miniatures form the major part of the exposition. They are a part of a brilliant artistic culture, which preserves the immediacy of artistic impression and to avoid any incompleteness or untidiness, so inevitable in this genre.
Vasiliy Orlov's artworks are represented in the collections of the Taganrog Art Museum and Regional Fine Arts Museum in Rostov-on-the-Don.
For the past 20 years the artist has been internationally acclaimed. His painting 'On the Native Land' (1952) was sold at the Christie's auction in London in 1997. A year after, the same auction house offered for bidding another Vasiliy Orlov's work 'Daisies, Poppies and Chamomiles' (1953).